ðŸŽŊServer Rules

Rules are subject to change at any time without notice as we develop and add features to our platforms. Please keep up to date with changes here.

Below are the official DandyCraft Rules. If you are unsure about any of these rules, don't hesitate to contact support through a ticket! Use common sense and good judgment. If something seems to be against the rules but needs to be directly posted here, there is still a good chance it isn't allowed.

These chat rules apply for both our Discord and Minecraft Server.

I. No Spamming

Please don't spam characters in chat. This includes but is not limited to photos, characters, emojis, and links. Do not self-promote (server invites, advertisements, etc.) without permission from an administrator. This includes DMing fellow members.

II. No Harassment

Never harass or make fun of other users in a crude or uncomfortable way. Swearing is acceptable as long as it is used sparingly. (Staff members can and will have different opinions on what is considered excessive)

III. No Racial Slurs / Derogatory Comments / Religion & Politics

Anyone who uses a racial slur will be permanently banned. It's also unacceptable to insult or make fun of someone due to their personal life. Any versions of racist slurs or derogatory comments will be dealt with appropriately. Please refrain from discussing delicate subjects like religion, current politics, and historical politics in public chats.

IV. No NSFW Content

Pornography of any kind is not permitted. We will not tolerate content that uses links or other technology to hack or reveal a member's personal information. Any content intended to harm or frighten a member is prohibited.

V. No Impersonation / Disrespect

Any impersonation of a DandyCraft staff member is prohibited. We also strongly discourage people from impersonating any member and can punish them if necessary. It is unacceptable to disrespect a staff member or player; we want this community to be positive!

VI. Personal Information

You cannot post any personal information (including your own) into public channels. Any doxing attempts, blackmail, etc., will be met with severe consequences. Without the express consent of everyone in the image, do not publish screenshots of private conversations from DMs, MSGs, Towny Chats, or any other private channels into public ones.

I. Griefing / Stealing

Grieving players' work, claimed or not, is not allowed, but you ARE allowed to claim old/unclaimed bases. You are also allowed to loot unclaimed containers; as long as they are not locked in town borders, they are free game!

You also cannot take loot because you are asking for something in return for giving it back; any ultimatum or hostage-taking of items/builds etc. will get you in trouble!

II. World Rules

Mass terraforming of the permanent worlds is only acceptable if it is claimed or doesn't make the world messy. This includes digging out chunks to bedrock, destroying fantasy land, and randomly placing tons of blocks. Buildings that replicate political symbols, genitalia, or obscene language will be deleted from our servers.

III. ALT Accounts

You are NOT allowed to use multiple Minecraft accounts to gain an advantage against other players. Using different accounts with the purpose of duplicating server awards is always forbidden.

IV. Scamming

Any attempt to scam a player will not be tolerated. We recommend using the /trade command to combat scams. We also recommend that you take screenshots of the verbal agreement so staff can have proof to punish. Abusing town trusts is NOT allowed and can be punished.

V. Selling You are NOT allowed under any circumstances to sell products for real money.

VI. Cheating

Using modified clients, mods, resource packs, and scripts that grant an unfair advantage to players is strictly prohibited. You can use clients that boost performance and minimaps that do not reveal entity or container locations.

VII. Exploits / Lag Machines Minecraft bugs and exploits will not be tolerated, and any exploits found on the DandyCraft server must be reported ASAP. Reporting an exploit will not result in any punishment. Any attempt to cause the server to lag or crash will earn you a permanent ban.

We do not allow people to AFK farm on DandyCraft. You are however allowed to make small scale autofarms which run while you are doing other activities. This is because it consumes server resources and affects the gameplay experience of others online who are actually active and trying to play. Additionally, stacking Farms over a short area, commonly seen as being "stacked" on one another, are not allowed. These must be spread out among the world to not cause lag and give unfair advantages.

We very much appreciate and encourage you to report any player violating the rules by creating a ticket so that everyone stays safe and happy.

Any and all rules are subject to change as we develop and introduce new features to our platforms. Please keep up with any changes here, we will notify everyone if and when those changes occur. Any form of "I didn't read the rules, I didn't know" will not be exempt from punishment.

Don't argue with the rules, you can appeal your punishment but don't complain. Make a suggestion if you want a rule change. Ask questions in Tickets if you are confused.

Punishments are based on what server staff have seen from said player. We have standard punishments along with tailored punishments depending on the senario and past infractions.

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