๐ŸฅณHow to join?

Step 1. Open Minecraft Java Edition and select the version you would like to run. We support all versions 1.20.x and above.

Step 2. On the main screen, click on "Multiplayer".

Step 3. Click on "Add Server".

Step 4. Fill out the details.

Server Name: DandyCraft Server Address: mc.dandycraft.net or play.dandycraft.net

Step 5. Double-click on the "DandyCraft" entry and enjoy playing!

Problems you might encounterโ€‹

Sometimes you cannot join the server. This could be to multiple causes. Following is a short list of issues you might be having and a solution. Your account has been banned. You get banned when you break one of our rules. Your internet connection speed is slow. Players often need more internet connection speed, making joining our server difficult. Most of the time, simply resetting your router should solve the issue. If you cannot connect to the server, try disconnecting other items that may be limiting your internet access (Smart TVs, gaming consoles, smartphones, etc). The server is down for maintenance. If you receive a message stating that the server is down for maintenance, nobody at that time can connect. Please be patient and try connecting later. Mojang's servers are down for maintenance. Nobody can connect if you receive a message stating that Mojang's servers are down for maintenance. Please be patient and try to connect later. Outdated Version If you receive a message saying you're on an outdated version, restart your launcher and update to one of our compatible versions. We hope you enjoy playing on DandyCraft. If you need any other support create a ticket.

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